Aurora Lighting Brochure 2020

Zigbee Kinetic Wall Controller and Remote No batteries • No wiring • Customise buttons via AOne ™ app Create lighting spaces for individual local control No specialist wiring required - replaces existing wall switch Removable terminals for installation anywere

Controlled by your Fingertips!


SmartTip Place in bathroom or next to patio doors for convenient instant control


HOME COMFORT & CONVENIENCE Use the AOne™Wireless Kinetic Wall Controller to turn on or off, dim and change scenes. Keep the Remote on the coffee table for added fl exibility.


3 Step Simple Install

15mm surface mount pattress for easy installation with or without back box (not included)

1 Remove existing switch or dimmer

2 Terminate wiring into Wall Controller

3 Fit Wall Controller into 16mm back box

Smart Hubs

Voice Control

Removable terminal blocks make Kinetic Wall Controller compatible with 16mm back boxes (25mm with terminals)

Kinetic Remote sticks to any fl at surface with double sided 3M adhesive pads (included)

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