Aurora Lighting Brochure 2020

SmartTip Can be wall mounted in 25mm back box or free mounted to any surface

Zigbee Smart Battery Rotary Dimmer Replace standard dimming module or switch to retain faceplate look & feel Wireless control of Smart Inside devices Supplied with 2 AA batteries • Fits in 25mm back box

Primary Mode: On/Off & Dimming

FULL SMART CONTROL Use an AOne™ Battery Dimmer to control your Smart Inside lighting. It’s the same size and shape as your existing dimmer for easy installation - the ideal retro fi t solution.

Dimmer Mode 1. Hold down the rotary button to switch between modes 2. Use app to choose between

Colour Tuning, RGB and Scene Cycling


Secondary Mode: 3 choices to select via App or

Secondary mode reverts back to dimming mode after 15 seconds of inactivity

Colour Tuning Mode:

RGB Mode:

Scene Cycling Mode:

Rotating the dimmer clockwise will cool and anti-clockwise will warm the colour temperature.

Select one of 20 preset colours by rotating the dimmer clockwise and anti clockwise.

Rotating the dimmer clockwise will recall the next scene available and turning anti clockwise will recall the previous scene.

15mm surface mount pattress for easy installation with or without back box (included)

Recall Previous Scene

Recall Next Scene

*Secondary features may differ slightly on SmartThings and Echo

Battery Life Indicator

Smart Hubs

When the batteries in your dimmer are reaching the end of their life, the LED will fl ash once every 10 minutes and you will receive a noti fi cation in the AOne™ App to change them

Voice Control

1 Indicator light fl ashes when batteries need changing

2 Works with 2 standard AA batteries

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