Aurora Lighting Brochure 2020

Smart Hubs

Voice Control

Save Energy Leaving electrical goods switched on when they are not being used is a waste of energy and money. With AOne™ smart sockets, appliances can be scheduled to switch on and off, and the built-in energy monitor shows which are using the most energy.

AOne ™ Smart Socket

Set Lighting Scenes Scenes are the foundation of the AOne™ platform. Con fi gured in the App, they enable control from a smartphone or tablet, or by using Google Assistant or Amazon Alexa voice control. Most importantly, Kinetic controllers can replace your existing light switches, enabling wireless control and the ability to cycle through scenes

mPro ™ ZX Downlights

AOne ™ Kinetic Controller

Reduce Costs It can be complicated to control existing commercial fi ttings, but AOne ™ control modules change this. Perfect for retro fi t and new applications, wired inline using existing wiring. The AOne™ range includes 1-10V, 16A relays and many more.

AOne ™ Controller

Connected Lights


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